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bluecollarbear's Journal

very pedestrian

25 April
Bluecollar bear is a pretty general description but it's accurate. I've been a dish washer, short order cook,delivered newspapers,filled vending machines,driven tractor trailers and currently work in a retail home improvement center. no college degree but have always wanted to learn photography or some type of audio-visual studies. maybe some day...anyway, i am pretty much a home body. I have been battling a deep depression for a few years and have put way too many extra pounds. trying to make that my main focus right now. get healthy is the plan. I watch too much t.v.and sit in front of the computer a little too much( Hey, I'm a fanboy...that's our default setting...) , so to limit couch patato time is a new year's resolution. I am single and own my own home. I was born and raised here in Rochester, NY and have lived here all my life except in 1986-87 when i lived in Clearwater, FL and the time spent over the road as a truck driver. I'd like to do that again someday but for now I'm working on getting out from under a mountian of credit card debt. I have a few close friends that i hardly ever get to see and I miss being part of a close group. I enjoy being social but start out very reserved in new situations. I identify as a Bear (if you don't know what that means...it's a gay thing). So, why did I start this journal?? The bear community seems to thrive on-line so I thought I'd jump in and see what happens.