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2008. flying by.....

Where does the time go? It's already the last day of January. The holidays came and went quietly. The new year so far has been mixed. I earned a decent raise but found out that Home Depot will be ending our overnight shifts and I will now have to work a B shift schedule 3pm - midnight. I am really trying not to stress too much about this change. I really like working the overnight when I can work pretty much by myself, without interruption from managers, other associates, and customers. Trying to get all the freight into the building, and down stocked, and striped properly during regular store hours is going to be a pain in the ass. It seems like it takes a committee to get anything done during the day sometimes due to all the distractions...customers, phones, the new walkie talkie/paging system, ADD associates who disappear while they are spotting for you, trying to find banners and charged equipment...ok that glass is half empty. The half FULL glass will be a chance at a better social life because of the hours(if I make the effort to get out of the house and actually BE social). Getting More Sunshine! I can pick the mushrooms off the back of my neck and stop using my work hours as an excuse to not get out and go for a walk, or some sort of exercise. Overtime!!! My guess is that I will be able to work lots of overtime if I want it, to keep the freight from getting too backed up outside of the building. And hopefully, the increased human interaction will help lift this hermit thing I've had going on for the last few years. Gotta stay positive about this...I cannot afford to fail.
Things to look forward to...
LOST starts up again tonight!!!
Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol and Real World/Road Rules Gauntlet III all NEW!
Stacey called last week to confirm the bowling night with Digger, and The Loud Talker, for the end of February(if only we could get JPT there too...)
10,000 B.C. due in March, looks hot!

Remake I'd love to see..."The Clan of The Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel. I love the Ayla character. The "Earth's Children" books painted a very detailed picture of pre history.
And finally, my new latest obsession is playing the New York Times Crossword puzzles on my Nintendo DS. Granted, I am still only solving Monday puzzles, but I am getting better and faster. Super Mario cart is fun too.

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