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2007. Mp3 player

So I purchased a new Mp3 player...I stayed with Creative Labs Zen series...I like the product line. They have discontinued offering the Zen Microphoto that I bought a few years ago, but still offer a replacement battery. I ordered one to see if that is the reason it doesn't work now... I also purchased a new 4 gb Zen V player to use at work. It's less than half the size of the first player and it plays video (on a tiny 1.5" screen). The controls are slightly different but easier to navigate I think. It has an FM tuner but won't record like the last one did... It has a line in jack which is nice for converting my old school hip hop cassettes to digital...The voice recorder works pretty good and the lanyard is nice, because it's light enough to wear around my neck. We will see how long this battery works with daily usage and recharging. I'm just guessing that I got less than 200 recharges out of the last player's battery, and this one isn't replaceable. I wonder how it compares to an i-pod??  
Tags: creative labs, mp3 player, zen v

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