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2007. interview with Irene Spencer

If I should die (before I wake)...Interviews like this one is the reason that I have boxes and boxes of audio cassettes and burned cds of Radio Free Wease in my front hall closet. For a while I went all OCD and HAD to record the show every minute of every hour of every day that Wease was on the air. I have been listening to this guy for hours a day for many many years. I have never met any of the people on the show in person (except for Sally) and have called in only 2X. I still record the show occasionally...and I download every podcast even though they are available here...  Iv'e tried to stop listening for extended periods in the past...but just end up falling of the wagon again and again. Interviews like this one are the reason why. He has a way of READING PEOPLE...his style of breaking down the story... Wease's interview with Irene Spencer is compelling to say the least, about her life, and family, and situation. Her story is inspiring and now I have to go get the book...


Tags: interview, irene spencer, pologamy, radio free wease, shattered dreams, talk radio

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