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2007. One+ Radio

 This little radio is the Bomb!! It has helped me to save my sanity at work. Instead of having to listen to the piped in Muzak all night, I hook my mp3 player (when it's not BROKEN!!) up to this via the line in jack, and I have my tunes all night. The battery is heavy enough to keep it from slipping off the forklift (unless I'm going around corners too fast!) and it's loud enough to hear over the engine running and the safety alert beeping. I can get at least 8- 10 hours out of a charged battery and the radio gets decent reception too. There is also a hook on the back to clip your mp3 player too. My only problems with it are that it is mono, not stereo (not a big deal really), and distorts if played at full volume on loud, bass heavy songs (adjusting  your player Eq helps). Home Depot sells them for $25 without the battery($25 for a single,$40for the double pack) or the charger($20 I think). Iv'e dropped it off the lift a few times and it still works fine. Looking forward to using this at camp (no more batteries to buy or cords to hook up!).  Ok, enough shilling for one day...just wanted to spread the word on my new favorite gadget. 
Tags: mp3 player, radio, ryobi

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