August 29th, 2008 stuck in my head

When I get home from work I turn on the idiot box and catch up on the antics of the players of Big Brother 10 on Showtime. During the commercial beraks they run promos for thier other shows. The one for the new season of Dexter has been using the song "Secret" by The Pierces. It's been haunting me all week... 2 cents

I would have loved to see Hillary as our candidate before Barack, but it did not pan out that way. I voted for her as my senator and I would have voted for her as my president. I know very little about Barack, but Hillary is now asking me to support him. There is no way in Hell I would ever vote for McSame even with his surprising choice for a running mate. I am SO ready to have a member of a minority as the American President just so we can get over the issue and get on with getting a gay president. I seriously doubt that will happen in my lifetime but you never can tell. It only took the Democrats 45 years after Martin Luther King Jr. said "I Have A Dream" to nominate a minority candidate for President. (yes , I remember Geraldine Ferraro was Mondale's running mate in 1984, and that it went so well that it took them 24 years to try something different again.)
Anyway, I'm not thrilled with voting for someone who does not support equal rights for the LGBT community, but I can only hope for the future now... doesn't it seem like a good time for a Million Homo march on Washington??

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