July 22nd, 2008

2008. up with journal

OK. so, it's been a while since I posted anything...been very busy with a bedroom renovation project, spending time with friends at Troutberg, and of course work has been a grind.
I started the bedroom renovation at the beginning of March. I was just going to take down the wallpaper that my ex had put up when we moved into the house 10 years ago, but ended up stripping the paint off of the gum wood around the windows and doors. I also removed the paint from the doors to the hallway and the closet. While I was sanding down the gum wood, some plaster was knocked loose, and when I removed the baseboards so my father could add some outlets the plaster on walls crumbled a bit. So that is where I stand after 5 months of sleeping is a construction zone. I need to get the walls done but it's been so hot or humid or both and I have the air conditioner on so sanding the drywall mud is on hold for now.
I've been spending alot of time in Troutberg this year. I wanted to give my parents a break from having to do the regular maintenance (mainly just cutting the lawn) since they have so much to do at thier own house. I'm afraid that if my brother and I don't step up and show my mom that we are interested in keeping and enjoying the cottage that they would consider selling the property. So I had a party on the Summer Solstice with some very good friends and It was hands down the Best Day of the year so far.

So the last thing I have to get caught up on is the diet...I am down another 45 lbs. this year to bring my grand total of 60 lbs. lost off my peak of 385 pounds. I have really found a good balance with diet and exercise. I have a LONG way to go gut moving in the right direction to be healthy feels wonderful. I just hope I can at least maintain through the winter months when it gets really tough...