August 23rd, 2007

2007. day of vacation

And to think I almost rescheduled this...Even though I could not afford to actually go on a Destination Vacation, I had a great 13 days off from work...Even though my grandmother passed, my family interred her remains on what would have been my grandfather's 97th birthday. I realize that it's kind of morbidly romantic, But then we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and reminded me how twisted my family's sense of humor is. I did not get any of the projects on the "TO DO" list done but I feel no guilt...I did a lot of cruising in the Grand National with the T-tops favorite tunes on the mp3 player...and some of the best weather this summer. Cruising around the Finger Lakes region of NY, re-connecting with some old friends and making some new ones...Still losing weight...very slowly...but still losing. Can't say that I've stuck to the diet that much...but I haven't been sitting around the house either...the scale read 355# two days ago. Still watching too much Big Brother 8 after dark (on Showtime) I wonder how far I would be able to make it in that game...My friend Dan turned me on to Imogen Heap...I'm gonna try to post the video from Youtube here.