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Stalling...stalling...stalling...been watching "the Starter Wife" marathon all afternoon while playing New Super Mario Bros. on the DS Lite, and watching You Tube video. Keyword searches...

NSMB game cheats...

checked out Tommy's Vlog...

and somehow ended up here...(I didn't know wheather to laugh or cry!

Watching Serena Williams beat Sugiyama at the U.S. Open. (1st Set).
Now it's time to stop stalling...and get the bedroom walls finished. I have decided that I am done with the drywall mud. I have applied and sanded three coats to the walls, along the baseboard area and around the window and door frames where the plaster crumbled off the lathe when I was removing the paint from the gum wood. So all that is left for the walls is a final sanding, then I can get the primer up and finally the color. Will post some pics. soon...
Tags: f u tommy, fat, nsmb, the breakroom, web surfing

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