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2006. days and counting

survived another day at work. Sixteen more days of hell untill I am no longer a department supervisor. I feel like tearing some of these customers heads off. "You can do it , we can help!" my ass...I barely know anything about installing doors and windows and I freak out whenever I'm alone in the department. I should have never asked to leave receiving(not that I really miss it or anything). I just hope that they put me on the overnights like I asked for. I am not good on the sales floor. Some of these customers either expect you to know everything about everything and be able to explain how to fix whatever it is they are working on or don't want to listen when you do give them the right advice. I'm just not right for that job. I'm stressed and in pain and miserable when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. Sixteen more days and then I just have to worry about what I'm responsible for. No more shrink plans,markdowns,high opportunity quotes,ZMA,MOD,VOC,stats,E-velocity, variance reports,count audits,new items,MQS,customer care calls,hazmat compliance, performance tracking, reviews,game plans,development plans, MARKDOWNS!, merchandising action planner, vendor reps, packdown performance, grand opening ready, store walks, training, specialty role plays, value statements, etc.,etc.,...sixteen more days.

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